Monday, January 08, 2007

Did you come in with a Contagious Attitude this morning?

Every day is an opportunity for you to impact those you lead. There are those times when you come in from the parking lot and those you work with are alreay in the office and they can tell just by looking at you walking up to the door, that you "rode your broom into work today". If that is what they perceive before they talk to you, what do you think happens to thier mindset, confidence, and focus? Everything you do and say is contagious and has a "rub-off" affect on other people. Before you walk into work tomorrow ask your self these questions:

1. Am I in a mindset that is what I want to receive from those I lead?
2. Will my demeanor create discussions among employees that I want to have duplicated?
3. Is what is affecting me really that bad or something that I can change by focusing on it while I am at work?

We all have lives, or at least we should and if you don't, now would be a good time to go get one. And in those lives, things happen that are contagious, yet if they cannot be effectively dealt with at work or resolved through worry while at the office, then why bring that into the office and spread it around. This is not to say that you should "check your feelings at the door" as this can also be deadly. It is simply saying that if you are enthusiastic and excited about your work, that will spread. If you are distracted, or burned out, or less than excited about a project, that, too will spread. Which would you prefer to be surrounded by?

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