Tuesday, January 16, 2007

What is Leadership?

Recently, I read a training curriculum that defined leading as:
"Using rapport to achieve the results that you want."

While I found it an interesting definition, it also seemed to lead one to believe (no pun intended) that leadership is about making connections, building rapport, and forging relationships with others. That does seem to be key in all leadership, doesn't. Unless you have become a leader by accident, meaning you have been promoted without being given the skills to actually lead others, you have the duty to make a connection with others as soon as you assume the posistion. If you have been promoted into leadership because you are one of the last ones left, the only one who wanted the job, or the one who has been there the longest, then your primary duty is to learn as quickly as possible how to lead people, while also striving to make a connection with those you have been given the privilege of leading.

Learning the job and making the connection - that will enable you to build trust and rapport - not to mention - quite a following.

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