Friday, June 15, 2007

Job Satisfaction Leads to More Confidence

I ran across something special today in a book I just finished: Success Built to Last published by Wharton School Pubishing. In it, former CEO of Honeywell, who is also the author of bestselling book: Authentic Leadership said the following:

"It's okay not to find the right fit in your profession right away, but you have to keep trying and never settle. When you find the right fit, everything changes. And one of those things that change is the way you gain the confidence to really jumpstart the people around you. If you and your team are passionate and really believe in the cause, then you can't help but have fireworks....If what you're doing doesn't turn you on, and if you're holding back what you have to say or contribute, that is not okay. You're not going to be willing to hear the bad news or the best ideas. You're not going to be successful."

Suffice it to say, we all can't just quit and go find another job, but the key is to keep finding a fit i the one you have and frankly, to be you above all else. If you hold back part of you, the folks you work with will miss a valuable piece and you will miss valuable satisfaction. I like how he mentions that this kind of satisfaction will increase your confidence. We have seen a significant rise in the number of calls we are getting to train Contagious Confidence.

Does your organization need a boost?

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