Sunday, March 23, 2008


The Top TEN Ways to Become a Contagious Leader

  1. Find the leaders on the team you lead that have no title.
  2. Keep a cool head even in times when the world is falling apart. ("Contagious Leaders respond reasonably to even unreasonable situations" M. Wofford, Contagious Quotations)
  3. Call employees “those that work WITH you”, instead of those that work FOR you.
  4. Adhere to the principle that “communication is not what was said, but what was received.
  5. Maintain clarity around the fact that attitudes are not taught or changed without the owner’s consent. Criticize someone's attitude at your own risk.
  6. Free up for new opportunities those who are unable to perform at the established standard.
  7. Exhibit leadership traits as a part of who you are, not what your title says. Recognize that managers always have a title, leaders often do not.
  8. Observe what people do for others to learn what they would like to have done for them. This becomes very important when choosing recognition tactics.
  9. Spend most of your time with those who are performing the way you have asked them to.
  10. Encourage all those you lead to have or get a LIFE! Be sure to have one yourself. All work and no play, makes a leader a dull person.

Best of success on becoming a contagious leader!


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