Friday, July 25, 2008

Contagious Leaders... can be women too!

Check it out, there's a new book in the works and it's all about women as leaders and the effect it has on others.

Not only are these women leaders... these are contagious women.
Not only are these women leaders, they are what we call Commanders in the CORE Profile.
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Not only are these women leaders, they are the ones wearing the heels.

Get the idea....? Well... there's more..

Tell me what you think about the title of my 4th book:
Contagious Commander in Heels

In addition, tell me what you think about the subtitles...

Our Love Affair with Achievement and How it Rubs Off on Others and Can Hurt our Image, but Doesn't Have to.

How to Keep Your Achievement Affair from Rubbing Off on Others and Ruining Your Relationships

Looking forward to your feedback. ALL comments will be read!
Stay Contagious!

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