Saturday, October 25, 2008

Contagious Leaders: Pride - Is it a good thing?

Contagious Leaders Beware: Exessive Pride will keep you from Success

When we talk about Contagious Leadership, the emphasis is on realizing all that you do rubs off on other people. If you rode your broom into work today, it rubs off on others. If you are happy go lucky in your leadership style, that, too will rub off on other people. And, as I read recently, an excessive amount of pride will also rub off and frankly keep you from achieving the type of success you may be looking for. The fourth lesson in Contagious Leadership, my first book, written in 2001, is "Leaders Ask for Help from those they lead". With excessive pride, you will not be able to ask for help, much less admit that you might need some. See the below quotation from Mark Cole and give it some thought. In fact, let me know what you think. I'd love to hear from you on your Contagious Leadership journey.

Stay Contagious!

"Pride, the excessive and false sense of self importance, is the number one block to prosperity and the basic breeder of poverty. Every time you allow your pride ot be spurred on by fear of rejection it will keep you from asking questions and for help. It's your refusal to ask that will keep you from receiving. Only when you overcome your fear and pride will you begin to ask rightly and only then will you receive your just due." M. Cole, A Little More off the Top.

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