Friday, February 27, 2009

Have you Heard: "I'm Not Participating in the Recession... "

Have you heard people saying "I know there is a recession out there, but I am choosing not to participate."? It seems to be the fluffy mantra of the times. In fact, I heard it again this morning and it seems to be that the ones saying it the most, are my fellow speakers.

I've even said it a time or two and though the essence of the statement, when I said it, was true, there is more to the story and Contagious Leaders know that. Here is the rest of the story...

There is a recession going on. Period. That is our reality and for many it is really, really, challenging heart breaking, and difficult. Those of us in the "positive, empowerment" or even "motivational speaking" industries need to know this and many of do. BUT, the difference is recognizing reality DOES NOT require getting sucked into the vortex of fear. In the face of fear and ambiguity, many people freeze. They don't know which end is up or where to go or what to do. That is an even scarier reality. When times are challenging and difficult is when you as the leader of your life, have to be even more diligent in making good decisions, taking good action, and consistently working toward a solution. Freezing provides no solutions and no feedback.

So, if you have heard and/or are saying "I choose not to participate in the recession." that's great, but here's a news flash, you're in it. Now you get to choose whether or not you going to appear dangerously naive or whether you are going to face your fear and do what you need to do anyway. Contagious Leaders choose to participate in reality, while looking fear dead in the eye and saying "Thanks for sharing, but I've got work to do!"

Stay Contagious!

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