Friday, March 20, 2009

Leadership Training - Art Form?

The Harvard Business Review this month listed Leadership Training as more of an art than a science. What are your thoughts?

It does seem that leadership training and the act of leadership, contagious or otherwise, is an an art form. In fact, Max Dupree wrote The Art of Leadership some time ago. Yet there are also specific skills that can be scientifically developed and trained and that go beyond the "gray area" soemtimes seen in an art form.

There is the science behind learning how to communicate with others. There is the science of learning how to appropriate recognize and how to discipline, as well as coach. And of course, there is also the science, if you will, of learning how to maintain your sense of humor, even when things get stressful.

Maybe leadership is an art, but when we make it all about an art, it leaves far too much to the imagination and less to responsibility for learning the process and the skills that are also required.

Best of success of your Contagious Leadership journey!

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