Monday, May 24, 2010

Bad Day? It'll all be okay.

Was talking with Bernice in our office today and we had a good giggle (as we often do) about how several people in our world were upset that things were not going their way or that they were having a bad day. In our moment of quick conversation and giggles, we both came to admission that in fact, for us and all those other folks who were having a rough day, it would all be okay and that all the other bad days we had had were okay, too. Besides, if you hadn't been able to handle a bad day before you would no longer be around and the reality is that good things pass quickly, just as quickly as bad things, in fact. If there was something you couldn't handle, you'd be dead and the reality is that we can handle just about anything that doesn't kill us. Make sense?

If you're having a bad day - know that it is, and will be, all okay. :)
Stay contagious!

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