Tuesday, November 28, 2006

What is Leadership Intentionally?

What if you could lead people with a purpose on purpose? You can. Many people ask me about our current training programs: Leadership Intentionally and Success Intentionally. The questions usually sound something like this:
"Can you really lead or be successful by accident?"
"What does it mean to lead intentionally?"
The answer to the first question is YES and many do, which is the reason you will find one hit wonders and one time successes. Without knowing how to repeat the process, it is luck and timing that helps you succeed. Being intentional with a process that leads to success and successful leadership helps you to achieve your goals in both areas on purpose.

Leadership Intentionally is what we teach aspiring leaders or managers who wish to be leaders how to do. There are many factors involved, yet three of the most important ones include:
1. Desire
2. Skills
3. Practice

With a desire to lead, which we can help you pinpoint and even predict, one will work more diligently to develop the skills and practice them for habit forming behavior. Leadership Intentionally is your key to learning how to lead those you have the privilege of working with to greatness, instead of just goodness. More to come...

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