Friday, December 29, 2006

Goals are for Sissies

It's that same pattern we expereince each year and I am just as guilty. The holiday for December has come and gone and we are cleaning up the home and the life to fulfill the promise that next year will be different, better, even the best one yet. We make the goals (resolutions for some) and we make promises to ourselves, even to others, yet somehow we always forget that making the goals is the easy part. It is taking the action, having the drive, and being persistant that gets most people caught in a snare before Valentine's Day.

Goals in and of themselves are for sissies. It doens't take any courage to think of what one wants or to even take the next step, which is to write it down. Even those who draft on a cocktail napkin on New Year's Eve what their next year will look like, have taken some action, but again it takes more. Those who make the goals and then think that is all it takes have it all wrong. It is action that makes the difference. This year, do more, be more, believe more and take more action. We created a manual to write your goals down, but I venture to say, this is still the first step. Can you make a difference this year? You bet! Can you lose that weight, quit that habit, be a better parent, make that higher income? You bet! In the words of Tim McGraw - "How Bad Do You Want It?" This year, don't just come up with what you want, come up with what you are willing to do to make it happen.

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