Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Seth Godin's view of Leadership

Am reading the new book by Seth Godin - Tribes - WOW - well worth the read.

He actually talks about you being able to be a leader of anything about which you have passion. He also goes on to say that with the new tools available in social media, you can be a leader of a tribe that is equally passionate about your specialty, hobby, product or service. Are you leading a tribe? Are you aware of all the tribes out there?

Now, what are the tools to find your tribe? Well, there are many:
Squidoo (founded by Seth Godin)
Linked In
and many more...

And finally, Mr. Godin describes the difference between management and leadership...
"Management is about manipulating resources to get a known job done.
Leadership, on the other hand, is about creating changes that you believe in."

My hats off to you Seth Godin.. sounds like a description much like the one we use in Contagious Leadership.. thank you for being a great leader!
Stay Contagious,

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