Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Delegation and Follow Through

In our Monday Moment on April 13... we discussed the concept of delegation.
Here is what delegation normally sounds like...
"giving to others all that junk that we normally don't like to do." Yuck!

Instead, here is what delegation REALLY is...
"giving others an opportunity to learn a skill that they did not already have."

If you approach the concept of delegation in this second manner, you are far more likely to see the things you delegate getting done when you want them to, in the manner that you've asked, and on time.

To further secure those things that you delegate, try these steps:
1. give as many details as possible
2. share your specific expectations as to the final outcome (assume nothing!)
3. provide a reasonable deadline for completion
4. make one or two (at most) follow up calls, visits, or emails depending on distance from deadline, to ensure project or task progress
5. Reassure person that you are available for questions along the way

Stay Contagious and Happy Delegating!

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